Vinay Kisten 

Operations Manager 

Vinay’s various roles involve the overall operational management of the firm and the support of the firm’s S13A Collections Team, as the S13A Collections Consultant on an independent basis. His 23 years of business experience, supported by his Higher Diploma in Business Management with distinction, holds him in excellent stead to manage operations within the firm, which is a highly dynamic environment.

He firmly believes in executing his functions with the highest standards of professionalism whilst delivering a quality service with integrity along all facets of the firm. His many years in business has aided him with regards to negotiations, settlement and client management, thereby ensuring the best possible outcomes for client and the firm simultaneously.

He is driven by a high work ethic and similarly this is the ethic he utilises to motivate all staff of the firm. He strongly believes that operational efficiency is a feature that all businesses should strive for and in that way one not only builds a sustainable business but also a viable country.