Every single interaction is a training opportunity 

Soonder Incorporated Attorneys at Law provide strategic services in the retirement fund sector. Our practice has expertise in, amongst other things:  

Our people have solid Employee Benefits experience having operated in the industry for a significant number of years.

Missed opportunities in respect of training and active ownership practices will inevitably impact on the board’s ability to executive their fiduciary duties and secure sustainable longer-term returns. Soonder Inc. is a well-positioned independent and experienced entity, which provides sound, professional advice and training. 


We understand the challenges around the many spoken languages in South Africa and thus cater for these needs. Training is offered and presented in the following languages namely English, IsiZulu and IsiXhosa. Written interpretation is also offered in Sesotho and Afrikaans. Our training offering is based on SAQA registered unit standards. The training is therefore fully accredited through the Insurance training authority (INSETA).


There is a strong need for training and educational element of pension funds trustees and principal officers. Soonder Incorporated focuses on educating trustees and members of retirement funds on the legal, technical, corporate governance, investment, administration and typical Board of management issues surrounding their specific funds. We provide beginner workshops for trustees who have been newly elected to their Boards of management as well as refresher courses for long serving experienced trustees.

This ensures that trustees continually meet the minimum compliance requirements as set out in PF 130 which requires trustees are continually educated and upskilled; within 6 months of being appointed and The responsibility for investment decisions lies with the trustees, principal executive officers give effect to these decisions. It is part of their statutory duty to ensure that retirement savings are managed prudently, properly and for the ultimate benefit of members and pensioners. As representatives of the owners of the assets, trustees and principal executive officers need to take an active view in ensuring their investment decision-making process. Training and development forms the foundation to achieving this.

Therefore, the proposed changes to the Pension Funds Act explicitly demand that trustees undergo compulsory training and that they maintain and grow their competencies. The present trustee toolkit developed by the FSB should be used as the benchmark to determine the themes and topics of the compulsory components of trustee training. All financial planners/advisors involved with retirement funds as well as trustees and principal officers are encouraged to go through this as a basic guideline..


  • Learner guide
  • Assessment/ portfolio (based on discussion with you) 
  • Guidance on training delivery based on policy and procedures
  • Upload of learners to Inseta 
  • Inseta statement of results

We offer simple, effective and easy to understand communication to the fund. We are able to create bespoke programmes for boards of funds, depending on their needs. 


  • the rights and responsibilities of the trustees and the principal officer;
  • the governance of retirement funds with specific reference to PF 130 and King IV; 
  • the laws with which the fund is required to have knowledge on; 
  • risk management for retirement fund boards; 
  • fund investments;
  • death benefit distribution; 
  • divorce and maintenance orders;
  • tailor-made courses to meet specific client requirements.